This is why we seek to create job opportunities among those living in poverty or extreme poverty, in environments where it is very difficult, if not impossible, to escape from that situation without external help. We foster economic development, creating conditions so that local communities can create and support themselves without needing further external assistance; in other words, we try to help families increase their income in an autonomous and sustainable way, while enabling them to improve other essential aspects of their life: education, health, material conditions, etc.

We use different tools to create opportunities, always adapting methodology to the context of the work and local conditions: we adapt professional training to the real possibilities offered by the local market; we help creating those conditions that allow businesses to be established or developed, covering population’s specific needs; We foster microfinance as a way to create and manage micro-enterprises, both urban and rural; we help families so that they can sell their products or services in better conditions, becoming part of sustainable value chains.

We work in partnership with local development institutions as well as public administrations. We also work in partnership with the private sector, by involving it in the fight against poverty encouraging more inclusive and sustainable economic growth, with a human face.

At CODESPA we focus our work on the following types of activities: