Since our creation until now, we have managed around 800 projects in 33 countries of Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia and we have helped millions of people to improve their living conditions.

Step by step, committed to our core values we achieved important results. Here are some of the most important:

2018. We celebrate our Solidarity Dinner in Madrid thanks to Quinta La Muñoza, Catering The Cook, Cocacola, Mahou, Arquia and Fundación Prosegur.

2017. We provide access to more than 3 million euros in microcredits to vulnerable populations so that they can invest in their development.

2016. We launched the Business Observatory against Poverty, together with the companies BBVA, Endesa, SENER, Fundación Bancaria ‘la Caixa’ and Telefónica.

2015. We celebrate our 30th anniversary with a charity performance of the musical El Rey León.

2014. Manuel Herrando Prat De la Riba assumes the presidency of Fundación CODESPA. AECID approves 3 new conventions in the countries of Morocco, Ecuador and the Philippines, some of them in partnership with other NGOs.

2013. We inaugurated the Social Innovation category at the CODESPA Awards.

2012. We created CODESPApro, a specific unit dedicated to Development Consulting.

2011. We founded CODESPA America with the opening of our first office in Washington DC.

2010. We started our projects in Angola.

2009. Laura Castán Visa assumes the presidency of Fundación CODESPA.

2008. We begin the SUMA project to foster alliances between the public and private sectors to establish economic and social development programs in Latin America. Within this initiative, we partner with AECID ( Spanish Cooperation Agency) and other foundations belonging to Redeamérica and the US Inter-American Foundation.

2007. We sign an agreement with the Philippine Minister of Agriculture to encourage the country’s rural development.

2005. We start collaborating with the Fundación Panamericana para el Desarrollo of the OEA (Organization of American States).

2004. We create the Microenterprise Support Studies Centre (CEAMI) together with the Rafael del Pino Foundation and the ICO Foundation.

2003. We start working with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID). Together with the Institute of European Studies of the CEU San Pablo University, we establish the Centre for Development Cooperation Studies (CECOD).

2002. We begin working with the World Bank and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration. Together with other institutions, we establish the Andean Network for Conservation and Development.

1998. We begin working with IAF (Inter-American Foundation).

1997. The first CODESPA Award given to the most Supporting private enterprise.

1993. HRH the Prince of Asturias takes over the post of Honorary President.

1991. Delegations are established in Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the Basque Country.

1989. We start working with FAO and the Unesco.

1987. In just two years, we performed projects in eight Latin American countries and signed the first co-funding project with the European Commission.

1985. CODESPA was established on 12 November by Laureano López Rodó and a group of businessmen and university lecturers concerned about poverty. Don Juan de Borbón y Batemberg becomes honorary president.