Companies can include their employees in the fight against poverty and start their social commitment together.

Corporate volunteering is promoted and facilitated by the company for its employees. Therefore, it creates a space for a social connection between the company and its employees. On becoming involved together for a good cause, they defend the values that strengthen its professionals and the organization as a whole.

Global Corporate Volunteering takes this opportunity even further, by offering companies the chance to contribute to an ambitious and pressing objective: the eradication of poverty, in a real context, with the difficulties and innovation and learning opportunities of an intense, international, professional, and profoundly human experience.

Global Corporate Volunteering is one of the most interesting facets of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Professionals for Development, our corporate volunteering program

Professionals for Development is a corporate volunteering program open to all types of companies. The only requirement is a commitment to tackling poverty. The employees not only dedicate their time to the program, but they also offer their professional experience to help other people. The company finances the travel and stay of their employees, making it easier for them to spend part of their time volunteering in this way.

At CODESPA, with the company’s support, we look through our projects to find those best suited to the company’s profile and we help in the selection of employees to carry out the volunteering according to the specific needs detected, as the chosen employee must provide their professional knowledge. After this, we accompany train and support our volunteers during the whole process.