How can I keep myself informed of news on CODESPA Foundation?

If you would like to be informed about our initiatives, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter.

Every month you will receive information about our projects and activities. For any additional information, you can write to us at

How can I become a member or make a donation?

It is very easy to collaborate with CODESPA. There are several ways to become a member: you can call 91 744 42 61, access the Collaborate section of our website or personally write to one of our Spanish offices. In order for us to find
out your expectations and needs, when you become a member please provide all the personal details we request of you.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so through our website or by bank transfer to our account in Banco Santander: 0049 5232 87 2710029050.

Is there a minimum amount I need to contribute?

Any amount that you can contribute is very valuable. However small you may consider it to be, your contribution will be an opportunity for other people, who will be eternally grateful to you.

You can become a member of CODESPA with any amount (monthly, quarterly or annual) or make one-off donations of any amount.

If it serves you as guidance, the average contribution of our members is €12 a month.

With a monthly contribution of €12: A young person from Congo can access a tool kit which will allow him to work as a carpenter.

How can I know that the money reaches its destination?

Our obligation and commitment as a non-profit organisation is to be transparent in our policy, our practices, our budgets, with the people we work with and with those that represent us and give us their trust. For this reason, we make every effort to make transparency one of our defining values, controlling the distribution of our funds from their place of origin until they have reached their final destination. To guarantee this, our accounts are audited every year by KPMG and we are assessed by Fundación Lealtad. You can find out about our control mechanisms in our section on transparency or, if you like, you can consult our financial information.

Can I deduct my periodical donations and/or contributions in my income tax return?

You can currently deduct your periodical donations and/or contributions in your income tax (IRPF) return in an amount of 25% (in the case of a company the percentage that can be deducted is 35%). Every year, during the month of April, we will send you a certificate of our contribution to the address you have provided us with so that you can include it in your income tax return. Remember that in order to be able to issue it we must have your tax ID number (NIF/CIF), in addition to your current personal details. Should you need to rectify or verify your details, please call us on 91 744 42 40 and ask for Pablo Herrero.

Is it secure to make donations through the website?

Our website is protected so that you can securely make you donations.

How is my donation distributed?

Our commitment is to help the people that need it most, managing our funds in the most efficient possible way and being worthy of the trust placed in us by our members and donors. To achieve this, it is necessary to invest part of our funds in managing our resources. We primordially allocate our funds to correctly monitoring our projects and to guarantee that the funds obtained are used in the best possible way. By way of example, for every €20 we receive, we allocate €17.2 to our
projects and €2.8 to management and fund-raising

Can I be sure that CODESPA does not transfer my personal details to other entities?

Yes. We only use your personal details to send you information on our activities. We will never send these details to any other company or entity. You can, at any time, access, rectify or cancel them by phoning 91 744 42 40 or sending an e-mail to, indicating your name and surnames, NIF, telephone and details to be modified and/or cancelled.

Know the Data Protection Policy.

How can I rectify my personal details, my bank details or change the value of my contribution?

To rectify any personal detail, bank details or change the amount or frequency of your contribution, you just have to call 91 744 42 40 or write to us at

How can I cancel my regular contribution to CODESPA. What should I do?

The first thing we would like to do is thank you for helping us during this time. If it is not possible to keep up your current contribution, do not forget that however small it may seem to be you will allow us to continue fighting so that more people can take care of themselves. If for any reason we were not capable of meeting your expectations, we would like you to share your concerns and opinions with us: write to us at or phone 91 744 42 40.

To cancel your contribution, you can also write to us at or phone 91 744 42 40.

How can I become a volunteer?

The role of volunteer is vital to continue to make progress in building a fairer world with greater solidarity. We offer you the possibility of registering with our volunteer pool or forming part of our virtual volunteers. Consult our Become a volunteer section or write to us at

I don’t want to continue receiving information from CODESPA. What should I do?

To stop receiving information about CODESPA call us on 91 744 42 40 or write to, indicating what materials you wish to stop receiving.

What type of projects does CODESPA develop?

CODESPA creates opportunities among people who live in poverty or extreme poverty, in environments where it is very difficult, if not impossible, to escape from that situation without outside help. We foster economic development, i.e. we try to help the families increase their income in an autonomous and sustainable manner; and, in this way, allow other essential aspects of their life to also be improved: education, health, material conditions, etc.
You can find out more about our work in the following link.

Is the CODESPA team paid?

CODESPA has both volunteers and paid staff working for it. For our projects to function, we need professionals working full-time. There are jobs that require medium and long-term availability and commitment. For these reasons, in addition to volunteers, we need specialised professionals that are paid for their work and can dedicate themselves full time. This allows us to manage our funds with the greatest possible efficiency and achieve the greatest impact with our projects.

How does CODESPA choose the projects the funds are allocated to?

We invest in the priorities that the communities suffering the problems voice themselves. The people benefitting from our aid form part of the decision on how to invest our funds. We work side-by-side with companies operating in the region and give our projects greater efficacy and sustainability.

How is CODESPA funded?

The funding for our projects comes from private donations, from our members and companies, as well as the contribution of Public Administrations, both central government and local, and other international organisations. Companies play a vital role in this regard, since they are not only considered as a source of funding for cooperation work, but as an essential social agent to achieve a genuine change within the area of solidarity. Individuals are currently another important source of financing. Thanks to their uninterested collaboration they allow us to give opportunities to the most vulnerable people.

What are the Millennium Development Objectives (MDO)?

They were established in 2000 and respond to 8 aims of human development that the 189 United Nations member countries set to be fulfilled by 2015. If you would like to learn about them, please visit our web.