The Inclusive Growth Business Roundtable is a platform created for companies that wish to employ their capabilities towards eradicating poverty in the world. This is an initiative that has our support.

The company, through its own work dynamic, develops resources and talent which when created through the criteria of justice and responsibility, result in an essential contribution to the well-being of society. It is for this reason, that the company may become the main agent in the fight against poverty and other social problems that we currently face.

The Inclusive Growth Business Roundtable has three objectives:

  • Transmit that the company, through its own nature, plays a fundamental role in the development.
  • Encourage companies to maximise their potential in contributing to the resolution of the problems of poverty in the societies where they operate.
  • Collaborate in the implementation of strategies to generate efficient social value, which in turn bring about benefits for both the companies and society.

Through this initiative, we encourage that more companies and corporations define their social contributions under a strategic outlook: as a responsible and conscious commitment to the transformative role that the company activity itself has in the configuration and improvement of societies where they operate. We want the activities of this platform to serve as a source of inspiration and learning of the companies that wish to become involved in a challenge to relieve and fight against poverty, making a strategic commitment in which their capabilities and resources play a role.

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