Our experience built up in more than 25 years, our work in alliances with private agents and main international agencies and our research-oriented focus have allowed CODESPA to develop highly specialized knowledge. We dispose of a strong skilled team, international presence and a network of specialized collaborating experts. CODESPAPro is the new department dedicated to provide consulting services for Development to achieve innovative, effective and sustainable actions to private companies, governments, development agencies, universities and Non-Governmental Organizations; Our consulting strategy is characterized by providing innovative models with professionalism and commitment, always guaranteeing technical innovation and sustainability of the development actions:

  • Socioeconomic development consultancy in our lines of specialization:
    (1) Community-managed Rural Tourism, (2) Microfinance, (3) Rural farming development, (4) Creation of micro-enterprise structure, (5) Professional training and integration, (6) Migration and development and, (7) Public-Private Alliances.
  • We are specialized in value chains, inclusive businesses and strategic alliances with the private sector in development processes.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility for Development (CSR+D): We assist private companies in designing their CSR+D strategies, measuring results of their social actions and developing specific training programs for CRS managers and employees.
  • Research and training: We perform ad hoc training courses and offer research services via the preparation of various studies, reports and systematizations of socioeconomic projects.
  • Design, execution and assessment of development projects: We support organizations throughout the project cycle with a clear results-oriented approach: from its initial design, information system development, monitoring and assessment and the final implementation of the knowledge management.

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Development Consultancy Unit

María Jesús Pérez Fernández
Deputy Director General. Research and Social Innovation Division: mjperez@codespa.org.

Mónica Gil-Casares Mesonero-Romanos
Manager. Development Consultancy Division: mgilcasares@codespa.org.