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1,836€ raised thanks to a charity market at Amadeus

Last Friday 25 October a charity market was held at the installations of the technology company Amadeus. The participation of its employees who made purchases from this market managed to raise €1,836. This money will be used for a project that we are developing for immigrants residing in Spain, called “RETOS: Apoyando la inserción laboral y las remesas productivas de migrantes peruanos en España”. (CHALLENGES: Supporting the professional insertion and productive remittances of Peruvian migrants in Spain).

This market sold personal hygiene goods, linen and clothes donated by Unilever, Pyrex, Women´secret and Springfield. Through this initiative, we favour the return of these people by facilitating their professional integration and the objective is for 100 people to return to Peru with a job, for 240 people to receive training on productive return and for 5,000 people to obtain a guide on productive returning which informs immigrants about the aid, procedures, advice, etc., they can have access to in order to return to their country in a dignified manner.

In fact between 1990 and 2008, more than 2 million Peruvians migrated abroad in search of a future, with Spain being one of the most important destinations. Indeed, Peruvian migrants represent 3.6% of the immigrants registered in Spain, and between 2007 and 2012, the intention to return of this population has multiplied by five.

Thank you Amadeus for organising this charitable market and to all employees who stopped by and made purchases there. Between all of us we can give the needy an opportunity to abandon the situation in which they live.