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European Research begins on Global Corporate Volunteering in the Public and Private Sectors and specific GCV practices in Humanitarian Aid

At the European Volunteer Centre (CEV) research has begun to prepare a study on Global Corporate Volunteering in the European Union (EU)in the context of the ‘2013 Preparatory Action’ of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative promoted by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO).

Thus, EU Aid Volunteers will offer volunteering opportunities to 4,000 European volunteers and 10,000 online volunteers for humanitarian aid operations throughout the world between 2014 and 2020. Work on its structure has been underway since 2009 and it will officially start running in 2014.

The main purpose of the research is to provide an overall vision of Global Corporate Volunteering programmes in the EU and to offer specific recommendations as to how global corporate volunteering programmes can be implemented in the context of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.

The survey covers Corporate Volunteering in all its formats and includes employers of both the private and the public sectors. Therefore, it contains questions regarding Corporate Volunteering in general and about Corporate Volunteering in the field of Humanitarian Aid in particular.

Organisations that are interested in contributing to the initiative can fill in a survey form accessible through this link.

The survey is available in Spanish, English, and French (to change language, just select it from the top left hand corner of the web page).

For more information please contact:
CODESPA – CEV Team | Silvia Loro – sloro@codespa.org
Supported by DG ECHO – European Commission |
The 2013 preparatory Action for the EU Aid Volunteers Services. Lot 3. Employee Volunteering