The ultimate goal of CODESPA’s Research and Social Innovation department is to achieve the maximum impact in our development actions, including research and innovation.

The department is also responsible for managing the systematization of our socioeconomic projects. Systematization allows to identify successes and failures, quantify results, record methods and tools for scalability and, of most importance for us, share lessons learned and recommendations with other development agents.

We produce an extensive range of knowledge products such as: publications, technical notes, case studies and work documents, all accessible in our learn section of our web.

Subsequently, and through our internal Knowledge Management system, we perform methodological transfers from continent to continent, always with the appropriate adaptation to the particular contexts. This process lets us improve our:

  1. Impact: Multiplying the results of our projects by repeating results and avoiding failures.
  2. Efficiency: Achieving an even greater return on our resources based on experience and tools developed for similar projects.
  3. Aid efficiency: Sharing our development experience with other Development agents.

Both applied research and project systematization are useful internal training tools and contribute to the technical specialization of our organization.

CODESPA also shares its experience and knowledge with other development agents by jointly creating publications and systematizations.

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