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New grant deeds recognise farmer’s lands in Angola

After the grant deed for Elumbi community, it was Katapi’s turn (Katabola Township, Bié). With these titles, farmers can cultivate some land they actually own, fearless of being attacked by others.

Some high provincial offices (the Deputy Governor of the Technical Area and Infrastructure and the Institute of Agricultural Development) as well as local institutions (Katabola Municipal Administration, other Municipal Administrations, the Agrarian Development Station and local and traditional authorities from Katapi) participated in the event.

The Deputy Governor of the Technical Area and Infrastructure was in charge of handing the deed over to the Soba of the community (highest local authority). He welcomed the farmers’ effort and work and encouraged them to use and enjoy their lands, which are officially recognised now. The Soba spilled a few drops of wine on the lands while the whole community sang and danced around him with excitement.

Once the deed was handed over, and after applause and songs, a representative of the community expressed their gratitude. It was a very exciting moment. Amid nerves and tears, he managed to read the letter they had all prepared.

We organised this event along with FAO and Red Cross. We are also working with them to provide training to technicians from governmental institutions so they can implement the Land Act correctly and ensure the safety of the community land. For this purpose, we have offered training courses for the team in charge of disclosing this law on how to define the community land. As a result of all this work, two communities, Elumbi and Katapi, have been deed granted.