Corporate Social Responsibility allows companies to take on a real commitment to society. In collaboration with NGOs, the private sector discovers that its knowledge and experience can help design sustainable solutions to social problems. CSR focuses on alleviating poverty and fostering long-term development, and it is generally known as CSR for development (CSR+D) or “Company and Development Actions”.

CODESPA works in partnership with the private sector involving companies in resolving those problems affecting society and the communities where they operate their business. The role that companies take on towards society can be a determining factor for development. Companies can contribute to economic and social improvement in many and high varied ways: through financial contributions, fostering an inclusive market in which community members can take part as both suppliers and clients, transferring know-how to different local agents, etc.

Within this CSR+D framework, we chiefly establish two types of alliances with companies:

Strategic social action

At CODESPA we welcome companies that want to make a contribution and join the fight against poverty. CODESPA takes the responsibility for using the company’s contribution effectively and transparently, guaranteeing impact and social return for the people who need it most.

We encourage the involvement of private sector in eradicating poverty, through financial donations, provision of pro bono services, social marketing services and/or, through other available resources, such as employees’ s skills, organization’s knowledge and capacity for innovation. Following this approach we designed a volunteering program called “Professionals for Development”.

Integration of CSR+D in the business

At CODESPA we also attempt that companies become involved in the fight against poverty right from the very heart of their business. Know how, as well as experience and market knowledge can be turned into powerful tools to be used to alleviate poverty.

CODESPA is a strategic partner for private companies, since we provide access to communities, knowledge on their needs as well as approaching strategies. We aim to support companies in developing inclusive business opportunities that benefit poor people while providing profit for the company.