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Reducing Inequality in the Seaweed Value Chain


Reducing Inequality in the Seaweed Value Chain

The project aims to generate a shared value between an association of vulnerable seaweed producers named HSWPA (Hinatuan Seaweed Producers…
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Location: Municipality of Hinatuan, Province of Surigao del Sur, Caraga Region in Mindanao Island.

Dates: January 2021 – December 2022.

Goals: Advancing economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable aquaculture through entrepreneurial collaborations between seaweed harvesters and processing companies. The project focuses on:

1. Generating equitable and sustainable relations between the vulnerable seaweed producers and the seaweed processing company CEAMSA.

2. Transferring knowledge and technology between disadvantaged seaweed farmers and CEAMSA.

3. Upscaling existing pilot projects tested in the region with other companies of the seaweed industry in 2022.

4. Influencing local policies and practices and integrating other stakeholders.

5. Sharing the model with other relevant actors such as private companies, multilateral agencies, donors, local and international NGOs.

Beneficiaries: 200 small seaweed farmers (50% women) living in hazardous context, specifically tropical thunderstorms and typhoons, in the province of Hinatuan. The indirect beneficiaries are the families of these small farmers composed of 5 people, in average, i.e. 1.000 people.

Títle: Reducing inequality in the seaweed value chain, creating shared value among private companies and local communities.

Financed by: Wealth Inequality Initiative.

Alliances: Hinatuan Seaweed Producers Association (HSWPA), CEAMSA.

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