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“Fair trade” project with Carrefour

Fair Trade is a collaboration between Carrefour and CODESPA which was created in 2005, due to the participation of company volunteers in the "CODESPA Corporate Volunteering programme".


This solidarity project consisted of importing products from Ecuador, and thus assisting the socioeconomic development of the country’s rural communities, and their later sale in a large number of Carrefour hypermarkets located in Spain.

In this way it consolidated small Ecuadorian producers in organisational, technical and business aspects so that they joined together to form a consortium and could export their products such as quinoa, oat or sugar cane, to the Carrefour stores in Spain.

The feasibility of this fair trade product goes hand in hand with the growth in Ecuadorian immigration in Spain and the consumer habits of this group.

The first 11 products from Ecuador arrived in 2006 and could be bought in 50 of the country’s 154 hypermarkets. By April 2007, Carrefour had sold fair trade products for a value of €146,000 and the demand continued to rise.

As a result of this initiative, Carrefour and CODESPA have contributed both to the socioeconomic development of Ecuador’s rural communities and enhancing the development of Carrefour’s business model.

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