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II International Conference: ‘A practical look at inclusive business’

II Conferencia Internacional: ‘Una mirada práctica a los negocios inclusivos’

Over the one day course, and with the support of outstanding speakers from organisations and companies such as IDEO.org, World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Acciona Microenergy Foundation, we shall find out how inclusive business can contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

In recent years, companies and organisations within civil society have gradually recognised inclusive businesses as a possible means of combining the traditional interests of the business sector and achieving a more fair and balanced society.

The purpose of the conference is to go into more detail concerning the large questions regarding inclusive businesses through the different sessions, which will help us to: identify when there is an opportunity to promote an inclusive business; how to take the first step; how to design a product that satisfies a need in an effective manner as well as generating a positive social impact in the short and long term; how to develop a market that makes the identified solutions accessible in a stable manner, etc.

We will also look at other key aspects relating to alliances and partnerships, the financing of these initiatives and scalability. The conference will be a place for training, reflection and debate, aimed at practice, which moves action and contributes to making the “promise” of inclusive business a reality in a balanced and sustainable manner.

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