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Impact Assessment of Public Policies and Development Programmes 2016

Evaluación de Impacto de Políticas Públicas y de Programas de Desarrollo 2016

On 17 October we shall be launching the Impact Assessment of Public Policies and Development Programmes course. The teaching staff responsible for the training comprises a team from BID and FOMIN, who have a great deal of experience in the development of impact assessments.

The aim of the course is to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of the theory and practice of impact assessments, so that you become capable of executing and developing these types of assessment programmes. The training course will combine theoretical and practical sessions, in which the student will look at real cases.
The course is aimed at consultants, government civil servants, NGOs, multilateral agencies and academics that work on development projects in the private and/or public policy sectors.

For further information you may contact the course coordinator:
María Sonia Arenas.
Centre for Development Cooperation Studies (CECOD).
Tel: 91 514 04 22.
E-mail: info@cecod.org