Bring training to vulnerable women for a future without exclusion in Morocco

Professional training and integration Morocco

> What drives us to perform the project

Social exclusion, the lack of access to training and the job market, prevent women from coming out of extreme poverty.

> What objectives do we want to achieve

The Eastern Region, located in the northeast of the country, has historically been isolated from the rest of Morocco and the large areas of development of the country. This isolation has not only conditioned the job opportunities of women but has increased gender inequality.

These women are not in the same conditions to access professional training courses suitable for their requirements, nor the job market, preventing their development and experiencing a situation of poverty and vulnerability.

By developing training courses, in accordance with the needs both of the women and the job market, we want to fight against gender inequality so that these socially vulnerable women (divorced, single with children, victims of domestic violence, etc.) can overcome cultural and economic barriers through access to work.

To do this, we offer them continuous accompaniment throughout the process and professional guidance so necessary in their situation. We will also promote the development of business initiatives (microenterprises or cooperatives) so that these women can obtain income and cover the basic requirements of their families. They will also contribute to the productive development of the region.