CSR for the community

Through CSR for the community, we propose ways of working together, involving interest groups and generating a return for the company. Corporate volunteering, rounding down payslips by donating the extra cents and marketing campaigns for a cause are some of the corporate actions that we propose.

How can you collaborate?

  1. Contact our team.
  2. We select the project that is aligned with the CSR strategy of the company.
  3. If you wish, we can involve company interest groups in the project fundraising:
    • Employees: Senda project (through rounding down payslips)
    • Clients: product sales, marketing campaigns.
  4. We set the collaboration amount.
  5. We offer you the possibility of involving your employees in achieving the objectives of the project through our Corporate Volunteering programme.


INECO has helped to finance our community tourism project. Five employees from INECO went to Peru and Ecuador as volunteers on this project, to carry out a study in the area and thanks to their work in maintaining the main access streets to the communities included in the project, they guaranteed a greater influx of tourists over the years.

Groupon collaborated with us through the diffusion of a promotional campaign on their website. All the funds collected went to various education projects in Peru.

Cortefiel Group, through their competition ‘Involucrados’ (Involved), organised a charity stall in Women´s Secret. Proceeds from fundraising went towards the project “Women in action-support for the textile cooperative of Douar de Tanafet, Chefchaouen in Morocco”.