Find your way to collaborate

We offer social investment opportunities for interested companies through collaboration alternatives adapted to their businesses and interests.

Through the Business and Development Programme, we promote social and economic development in a company’s projects, allowing marginalised young people, women who are victims of discrimination, unemployed fathers, etc. to earn a decent income, facilitating their professional training, access to financial credit and markets.

We offer training and advisory services for CSR departments, executives and managers who are looking for the tools and knowledge to guide their efforts to contribute to society and to their areas of operation.


  1. Work together with companies to foster their participation in projects to tackle poverty.
  2. Establish alliances between the company and other development institutions (European Commission, Inter-American Development Bank, CAF, AECID, among others).
  3. Make the importance of the contributions of the company in tackling poverty more visible.
  4. The Business and Development Programme offers different alternatives in economic development projects and tackling poverty:
    • Business in Solidarity.
    • CSR for the Community.
    • Social Innovation.


  • Guarantee that resources invested will improve the life of the people who most need it.
  • Promote the feeling of belonging and greater employee commitment.
  • Access to social innovation opportunities and new business prospects that generate economic and social value.
  • Position the company within the CSR field and contribute to positive brand image and reputation.
  • Tax deductions: you can deduct your donations off the full amount, on Corporate Taxes.
  • Join a recognised organisation for its seriousness and professionalism in tackling poverty.