Social Innovation

Solutions to tackle poverty which arise from and are based on a company’s business strategy.

Social innovation projects for companies provide innovative solutions to tackle poverty which allow business and development to jointly advance by win-win solutions.

Through social innovation we propose different alternatives with great potential for companies and for development:
  • Development of products and services for the base of the pyramid.
  • Creation of social companies and joint ventures with companies.
  • Work toward inclusive supply chains.
  • Professional training and employment for young people and women at risk of exclusion.


CARREFOUR “FAIR TRADE” project: we managed to support and strengthen rural farming cooperatives in Ecuador for them to export and market their products through Carrefour Spain. Carrefour had found a new niche market in Ecuadorian migrants to Spain, through demand for ‘nostalgic’ products, while also supporting these small and poor rural farmers by creating export opportunities for them. Thanks to this collaboration 8,000 families experience a better quality of life and Carrefour serves a market in Spain.  

DKV “HEALTH MICROINSURANCE”: We are creating an innovative micro-insurance product that guarantees access to health services for some of the poorest people in the Dominican Republic. DKV Insurance provides a team of professionals for the design of a product adapted to the needs of vulnerable people and can change the lives of more than 200,000 people.